Solairus is a US-based private aviation services company whose core business is assisting aircraft owners with the safe, reliable, and efficient management and operation of their aircraft. Our charter and management services are customized to meet the client’s individual travel and financial requirements, and to support their flight operation with the highest standards of safety and personalized service, regardless of the location of the aircraft.


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Position TitleAscending   Job Title   City   State/Territory   Requisition ID  
Accounts Payable Specialist Accounts Payable Specialist Petaluma CA 384
Accounts Receivable Specialist Accounts Receivable Specialist Petaluma CA 823
Aviation Dispatcher Dispatcher 1049
Challenger 604 Captain - San Antonio, TX Pilot San Antonio TX 1098
Challenger 604 Client Aviation Manager - Bedford, MA Client Aviation Manager Bedford MA 1106
Challenger 604 Client Aviation Manager - San Antonio, TX Client Aviation Manager San Antonio TX 1097
Challenger 604 Maintenance Supervisor - San Antonio, TX Maintenance Supervisor San Antonio TX 1099
Challenger 605 Maintenance Supervisor - Jacksonville, FL Maintenance Supervisor Jacksonville FL 1058
Challenger 605 Maintenance Supervisor - New Windsor, NY Maintenance Supervisor New Windsor NY 1100
Charter Billing Specialist Charter Billing Specialist Petaluma CA 455
Charter Sales Analyst 1060
Charter Sales Director (Inside Sales) Director, Charter Sales Petaluma CA 357
Client Accounting Specialist 979
Corporate Accounts Payable Specialist Petaluma CA 975
Falcon 7X Captain - Bedford, MA Pilot Bedford MA 1062
Falcon 7X Captain - Scottsdale, AZ Scottsdale AZ 1002
Falcon 7X Client Aviation Manager - Scottsdale, AZ Client Aviation Manager Scottsdale AZ 1001
Falcon 900EX EASy Captain - Fort Lauderdale, FL Pilot Fort Lauderdale FL 1103
Falcon 900EX EASy Client Aviation Manager - Fort Lauderdale, FL Client Aviation Manager Fort Lauderdale FL 1102
Falcon 900EX EASy Maintenance Supervisor - Fort Lauderdale, FL Maintenance Supervisor Fort Lauderdale FL 1104
Falcon 900LX EASy Client Aviation Manager - Palm Beach, FL Client Aviation Manager West Palm Beach FL 1108
Flight Attendant Flight Attendant 323
Flight Coordinator - US Based Flight Coordinator 1094
General Application - Pilot Pilot 390
Global 6000 Captain - New Windsor, NY Pilot New Windsor NY 891
Global 6000 Captain - Teterboro, NJ Pilot Teterboro NJ 1093
Global 6500 Flight Attendant - Provo, UT Flight Attendant PROVO UT 1078
Global 6500 Maintenance Supervisor - Provo, UT Maintenance Supervisor PROVO UT 1105
Global Express Captain - Austin, TX Austin TX 972
Global Express Maintenance Supervisor - Bedford, MA Maintenance Supervisor Bedford MA 1101
Gulfstream 650 Flight Attendant / Chef - Teterboro, NJ Flight Attendant Teterboro NJ 1031
Gulfstream G400 Captain - Opa-locka, FL Pilot Opa-locka FL 999
Gulfstream G500 Flight Attendant - Dallas, TX Flight Attendant Fort Worth TX 1084
Gulfstream G500 Flight Attendant - Fort Lauderdale, FL Flight Attendant Fort Lauderdale FL 1089
Gulfstream G550 Captain - San Jose, CA Pilot San Jose CA 940
Gulfstream G550 Captain - Teterboro, NJ Pilot Teterboro NJ 1107
Gulfstream G550 Captain - White Plains, NY Pilot White Plains NY 801
Gulfstream G550 Flight Attendant - Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas NV 1092
Gulfstream G550 Maintenance Technician - Blountville, Tennessee Maintenance Technician Blountville TN 1090
Gulfstream G650 Captain - San Jose, CA Pilot San Jose CA 1048
Gulfstream G650ER Maintenance Supervisor - San Jose, CA Maintenance Supervisor San Jose CA 1053
Gulfstream GIV-SP Captain - Fort Lauderdale, FL Pilot Fort Lauderdale FL 1072
Gulfstream GIV-SP Client Aviation Manager - Greater Sacramento Area, CA Client Aviation Manager Stockton CA 853
Human Resources Generalist Human Resources Manager Petaluma CA 1070
Human Resources Generalist Human Resources Manager Petaluma CA 348
IT Specialist IT Specialist Petaluma CA 403
IT Specialist Petaluma CA 1109
Kodiak Captain - Fort Lauderdale, FL Pilot Fort Lauderdale FL 1068
Maintenance Coordinator Petaluma CA 676
Maintenance Technician Maintenance Technician Petaluma CA 324
Marketing Specialist - Petaluma, CA Marketing Specialist Petaluma CA 652
Quality Assurance Analyst Petaluma CA 1085
Sr. Payroll Administrator HR/Payroll Administrator Petaluma CA 484
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