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Edo exists to enable an energy system that is reliable, equitable and carbon free. Decarbonizing our electricity system is foundational to reducing our collective greenhouse gas emissions. The fundamental infrastructure and regulatory compact of our electrical grid were designed for a different time and are now hindering our ability to achieve our environmental and economic goals. We cannot solve this problem at the individual building scale - it’s not economically or technologically feasible.

We are building a company that will transform the energy value chain over the next 50 years. Long past each of our individual careers our innovations will be enabling a world where inexpensive, clean power allows for continued, sustainable economic development across the world.

Edo is different from most start-ups. We begin with a strong foundation of tools and processes. We build off the legacies of two leading northwest companies. We have an enviable client base on day 1.

Our path will not always be linear. We will have to prove our hypothesis one building, one campus and one utility at a time. We will find the regulatory barriers frustrating and the pace of change humbling. We will make steady progress every day towards a future we can be proud of.

Join our diverse, inclusive and engaged team. We are passionate about our work and driven to create a work environment where we collectively thrive.

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