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Engineering Technician V (H-60)
Location NAS North Island, CA (CETS)
Job Code TXT 7532
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Job Title: Engineering Technician V (H-60)


Task Description:


This technician performs non-routine and complex assignments involving responsibility for planning and conducting a complete project of relatively limited scope or a portion of a larger and more diverse project, selects and adapts plans, techniques, designs, or layouts, contacts personnel in related activities to resolve problems and coordinate the work, reviews, analyzes, and integrates the technical work of others. Supervisor or professional engineer outlines objectives, requirements, and design approaches. Completed work is reviewed for technical adequacy and satisfaction of requirements. This incumbent may train and be assisted by lower level technicians, and performs one or a combination of the following:

a. Designs, develops, and constructs major units, devices, or equipment; conducts tests or experiments; analyzes results and redesigns or modifies equipment to improve performance; and reports results.

b. From general guidelines and specifications (e.g., size or weight requirements), develops designs for equipment without critical performance requirements that are difficult to satisfy such as engine parts, research instruments, or special purpose circuitry. Analyzes technical data to determine applicability to design problems; selects from several possible design layouts; calculates design data; and prepares layouts, detailed specifications, parts lists, estimates, procedures, etc. May check and analyze drawings or equipment to determine adequacy of drawings and design.

c. Plans or assists in planning tests to evaluate equipment performance. Determines test requirements, equipment modification, and test procedures; conducts tests using all types of instruments; analyzes and evaluates test results, and prepares reports on findings and recommendations.


Additional Task Description & Requirements:

The Engineering Technician V. The Engineering Technician V is considered a Senior Journeyman as described in the following functional description: This is a DoD designated Emergency Essential (EE) position responsible for providing Engineering Technical Services (ETS) at an assigned Permanent Duty Station (PDS). Frequent travel to and from temporary duty stations with the U.S. Navy fleet and at U.S. military shore activities anywhere in the world, including combat zones is a critical function of this position.


-The position requires a well-rounded formal education in the theory and application of electronics, mechanics, electricity, or aviation engineering to demonstrate the ability to apply advanced theory to existing equipment and integrated systems. Additionally, possession of a good working knowledge of technical disciplines other than his/her specialty (such as higher mathematics, engineering principles, and the physical sciences) is ideal.


-Possession of superior oral and written communications skills and the ability to achieve desired outcomes without direct supervision is imperative in order to successfully perform the duties of this position. The incumbent must be able to work on technical projects without supervision.


-Responsible for providing technical advice and assistance on the acceptance, installation, operation, repair, and/or maintenance of the assigned weapons systems and associated support equipment. Functions as a senior technical expert on assigned systems. Provides both formal and on-the-job training for personnel engaged in the operation, maintenance, and/or installation of these systems. Discusses problems encountered and explains corrective action. Monitors operation, maintenance, and installation techniques and procedures, providing timely advice, assistance, and instruction. Demonstrates operation and/or maintenance procedures as necessary.


-From observation and written reports determine the need for formal training for system operators and maintainers if other sources of training are not available. Selects topics, prepares lesson plans, designs training aids, and conducts formal classes.


-Evaluates operation, maintenance, and installation technical manuals, handbooks, special procedures, other data sources in terms of adequacy, completeness, and applicability, and provides recommendations for correcting discovered discrepancies. Drafts work-around procedures, as appropriate, to maintain system readiness while formal recommendations are under consideration by the appropriate technical authority (Fleet Support Team, or Integrated Product Team). Where no formal technical documentation exists on systems being tested and maintained, the incumbent drafts applicable procedures as inputs to formal published technical manuals.


-Prepares technical reports on subjects of interest or concern to other fleet activities, commands, and higher-echelon personnel. Reports include such topics as equipment design deficiencies, erroneous or inadequate maintenance procedures, existing or potential hazardous operating and/or maintenance conditions, safety-of-flight issues, system inter-operability problems, and a myriad of reliability, maintainability, and supportability issues. Recommends specific solutions to all of the aforementioned problems reported, including practical design modifications, equipment transportation and/or storage issues, and any and all logistics-related problems observed during system installation, operation, maintenance, or testing. Reviews technical reports prepared by contractors. Conducts technical investigations. Prepares or assists in the preparation of Technical Publication Deficiency Reports (TPDR), DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT D. Distribution authorized to the Department of Defense and U.S. DoD contractors only Quality Deficiency Reports (QDR), and applicable technical documentation relating to Engineering Investigations (EI).


-Engages in the actual repair of systems, as necessary, demonstrating the use of special tools and fixtures, maintenance techniques, and repair procedures. Provides instruction in the proper use of maintenance manuals, technical data packages, and other technical documentation.


Skill and Knowledge: Shall have the ability to troubleshoot and repair various aircraft systems and be able to perform general Organizational, Intermediate and/or Depot Level maintenance for the assigned aircraft below:



  • Must be knowledgeable of technical directives, NAMP programs, and shall be knowledgeable of and understand basic supply procedures.
  • Shall have experience writing with clarity and technical accuracy, and exhibit leadership and ensure adherence to all applicable policies and procedures.
  • Possess a high degree of expertise in the control and coordination of aircraft maintenance.
  • Thorough working knowledge of applicable maintenance/technical manuals and publications.
  • Thorough working knowledge of aircraft maintenance records.
  • Working understanding of the aircraft and aircraft systems. 

Responsibility:  Performs requirements in accordance with the procedures established in the SOW/PWS. Performs diagnosis and corrective actions, disassembles, inspects, evaluates, and accomplishes necessary repairs, lays out work according to technical instructions and technical directives.  Determines what repairs, modifications, and part replacements are required. May be required to verify work performed by another for which he/she is qualified to perform.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Ten (10) years practical hands on experience within the last twelve (12) years in direct support of task described herein.
  • Five (5) years of this experience must have been at or above the senior journeyman level.
  • Ten (10) years practical hands on experience on H-60 aircraft within the last twelve (12) years.


Basic Qualifications:

  • Engineering Technician shall have a certification for a minimum of one of the following:
    • Navy “A” and/or ”C” schools or service equivalent school.
    • Accredited Vocational Education Institutions.
    • OEM/Factory Technical training programs related to the system(s)/equipment being supported.
  • Shall have at least five (5) years practical hands on experience within the last seven (7) years in direct support of task described herein.
  • Two (2) years of this experience must have been at or above the senior journeyman level.
  • US citizenship and a SECRET security clearance is required. TOP SECRET clearance may be required for personnel at certain locations as directed.
  • Shall have at least five (5) years practical hands on experience on H-60 aircraft within the last seven (7) years.
  • Must be able to travel worldwide to include hazardous duty locations and combat zones if required.


Employment is contingent on a) your ability to provide appropriate proof of your identity and eligibility to work in the United States; (b) your references and any background check being satisfactory to the Company; (c) you successfully passing a pre-employment drug test; and d) your ability to get a required clearance by your effective start date, if needed; and (e) KAI commencing performance on this contract.

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