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Assistant Headmaster/Dean - Online
Location GH America
Job Category Academy - School Leadership (Dean, Asst. Headmaster, Headmaster)
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POSITION: Administration, Assistant Headmaster/Dean
DEPARTMENT: School Administration      
REPORTS TO: Headmaster  
EEO CLASSIFICATION: First/Mid-Level Officials and Managers 

*Great Hearts is not able to hire employees from the following: California, Connecticut, D.C., Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, Wyoming; International

Position Summary for Assistant Headmaster

The Assistant Headmaster is a 12-month position. He/she assists the Headmaster in the performance of various leadership responsibilities and acts as an essential liaison for families, students, faculty and staff regarding student performance and conduct, as well as academic and instructional areas.  The Assistant Headmaster reports directly to the Headmaster and acts as the leading administrator of the academy in the absence of the Headmaster unless otherwise directed. 

Position Summary for Dean of Academics

The Dean of Academics manages academic and instructional matters at the school, as requested by the Headmaster, to support learning.  He/she acts as an essential liaison for families, students, faculty and staff regarding student performance, strong instruction, and curricular alignment.  The Dean of Academics reports directly to the Headmaster. 

Position Summary for Dean of Students

The Dean of Students provides care and support for students with respect to social and disciplinary matters.  He/she acts as an essential liaison for families, students, faculty, and staff, and reinforces school culture through collaboration, intervention, and example. The Dean of Students reports directly to the Headmaster. 

Current Openings: 


Assistant Headmaster; Start Date Summer 2024

Dean; Start Date Summer 2024

*Contact Alison Chaney for more information on approved state residency requirements for remote online employees

Hiring Process

Great Hearts hires faculty, administrators, and Central Office staff on a rolling basis. The Great Hearts hiring team reviews all applications, then ranks and passes qualified applications on to the Heads of School. Please note:  Heads of School are largely autonomous in the hiring processes for their campuses.  They discern for themselves the candidates of interest, and contact, interview, and make offers to those candidates per their own hiring timetables.

Candidates may hear from one or more Head(s) of School and/or Great Hearts staff member(s) shortly after submitting their application, or they may not hear anything for a number of months (as some Heads of School prefer to interview candidates only after reviewing a large number of applications). In either case, it is in a candidate's best interest to submit application materials as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact us to discuss aspects of your application or the hiring process at alison.chaney@greathearts.org.

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