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'Mid-Year: Texas - General - Special Education Coordinator (2022-23)
Location GH Texas
Job Category Academy - Special Services Faculty (SPED, ESL, 504/MTSS, Intervention, Counseling, Behavior Spec.)
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2022-2023 Special Education Coordinator

Primary Purpose:

The Special Education Campus Coordinator (in collaboration with the Special Education Director, Regional Coordinator and Campus Headmaster) will coordinate all aspects of the Child Centered Special Education Process on assigned campus. Ensure that the ARD/IEP process and the quality of programs for students with disabilities are in compliance with Federal, State, and Local requirements.



Master’s Degree (Preferred not requited) Valid Texas Teacher Certification

Special Education Certification/Appropriate Board Licensure

Special Knowledge/Skills:

Ability to prepare appropriate individual education program (IEPs)

Knowledge of local, state and federal rules and regulations pertaining to special education Knowledge of various special education eligibility conditions and the challenges to learning Knowledge of curriculum in grades K through 12

Experience with campus leadership Basic computer skills

Strong organization and communication (written and oral) Ability to work cooperatively with staff, students and parents


Two years of successful teaching experience


Major Responsibilities and Duties

Support for Instructional Planning and Services

  1. Assists the campus administration to ensure that the ARD/IEP process and the quality of programs for students with disabilities are in compliance with Federal, State and Local requirements.

  2. Facilitates admission, review and dismissal (ARD) committee meetings in the development of the individual education programs (IEPs).

  3. Consult with school staff about implementation of the IEPs, appropriate accommodations and modifications, and strategies for learning.

  4. Manage caseload and assignments to meet compliance timelines for ARD/IEP committee meetings and services to students.

  5. Disseminate information regarding policies and procedures developed by the District Department of Special Education Services

  6. Coordinate all aspects of Special Education Evaluations

  7. Manage related services to ensure IEP Compliance

Organizational Management

  1. Provide assistance with the organizational needs of the Special Education Department.

  2. Support the organizational needs of campuses, upon request.

The Special Education Campus Coordinator’s Role in Student Achievement

  1. Work collaboratively with teachers and campus administrators in the creation of a supportive school environment that meets the academic and developmental needs of students.

  2. Support the creation and implementation of special education services on school campuses, in support of academic and skill development in students with special needs.

  3. Provide assistance to teachers and school administrators in the creation of a school climate and culture that effectively manages student behavior in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook.

  4. Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials and facilities.

Professional Learning

  1. Create and deliver staff development presentations to paraprofessionals, teachers and campus administrators on topics related to special education.

  2. Attend in-service training in order to maintain current knowledge and skills

Qualities of an Effective Special Education Campus Coordinator

  1. Use effective communication skills, written and oral, to present information accurately and clearly to student, parents and staff.

  2. Maintain a professional relationship with colleagues, students, parents and community members.

  3. Maintain familiarity with current trends in the areas of curriculum and special education.

  4. Keep informed of and comply with state, district, and school regulations and policies for staff, including daily attendance, punctuality and confidentiality.

  5. Compile, maintain and file all reports, records and other required documents.

  6. Attend and participate in Special Education Department meetings and serve on committees, as required.

  7. Comply with the Texas Educators’ Code of Ethics.

  8. Demonstrate the following core values: integrity, high expectations, commitment, respect, dedication to teamwork and passion for a student centered environment.

  9. Daily attendance and punctuality at work are essential functions of the job.

Team Coordination Responsibilities

Coordinates the Special Education Program, Special Education Teachers and Staff in conjunction with Campus Headmaster.


Personal Qualities & Values

  • Passionately Committed

With humility and curiosity, we seek to know more about our core purpose; seek to share (with each other and with others externally as an advocate); seek to live the mission ourselves with relentless pursuit and intrinsic motivation; seek to understand our work and how it serves the mission…which should result in getting the right stuff done with measurable results because we love actualization – not just the theory

  • Servant’s Heart

The foundational element of having a servant’s heart is the acknowledgement of inherent dignity in their fellow human. Someone with a servant’s heart believes that their work is to promote the development of those around them and make it possible for others to be successful in serving the mission of the organization.

  • Team Player

We believe our mission can only be accomplished through collaboration and receive true joy in being a part of something greater than ourselves; Each of us is one part of a whole, each with different roles, expertise and responsibilities; working together in synchronicity.



Great Hearts offers a very competitive benefits package and overall compensation will be commensurate with talent, experience and education.

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