Position Description

(2021-2022) Arizona - 504/SST Coordinator
Location GH Arizona - Phoenix
Job Category Academy - Faculty (Teachers, Asst. Teachers, ESS / SPED)
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POSITION: 504/SST Coordinator

DEPARTMENT: Academy - Instructional

LOCATION: Various Great Hearts Academies

REPORTS TO: Headmaster

EEO Classification: Professionals

FLSA STATUS: Salaried-Exempt

Position Summary

The 504/SST Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the 504 and SST programs at their academy. The coordinator ensures students with disabilities in the 504 program are provided necessary accommodations, modifications, and/or services to access a free and appropriate public education as well as participate in events, programs, and activities offered by the academy. The coordinator also ensures that local, state, and federal Section 504 requirements are met. The coordinator also oversees the intervention (SST) progress from start to finish to ensure that any academic or behavioral gaps in student skills/knowledge are addressed timely and effectively through evidence-based interventions that meet their instructional needs. Additionally, the coordinator liaises between general education teachers and ESS Coordinators concerning referrals for evaluation for special education services.

Duties & Responsibilities


  • Communicate with the academy Office Manager to obtain registration forms indicating a history of a 504 Plan
  • Obtain 504 Plan from previous school, if applicable
  • Schedule transfer 504 intake meetings
  • Schedule and facilitate all 504 eligibility, annual review, and eligibility re-determination meetings
  • Facilitate 504 meetings and any plan development as the required “Person with Knowledge of the Data”
  • Assist parents in obtaining Certification of Diagnosis, if applicable
  • Complete necessary 504 documentation
  • Maintain 504 Plan and supporting documents in student confidential files
  • Distribute and communicate to staff 504 Plans of students receiving accommodations, modifications, and/or services and obtain staff signature on Confirmation of Delivery form
  • Provide college counselor a list of their students who receive accommodations (Prep)
  • Monitor 504 Plans to ensure the accommodations, modifications, and/or services are implemented correctly and with fidelity
  • If necessary, meet individually with students receiving 504 accommodations to provide support with executive functioning skills
  • Enter, manage, and ensure accuracy of information on the academy’s 504 Caseload and PowerSchool 504 program enrollment
  • Communicate needed testing accommodations to Testing Coordinator for standardized testing (AzMerit, MAP, etc…)
  • Communicate needed accommodations to Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Coordinator for PSAT, SAT, and ACT (Prep)
  • Lead or assist in training general education staff in areas relating to characteristics of disability
  • Attend trainings at the Phoenix Home Office related to Section 504 and areas relevant to the 504 Coordinator position


  • Lead or assist in training general education staff in areas relating to interventions and supports for struggling students
  • Maintain a caseload document for your academy documenting students receiving interventions and their level of intervention
  • If necessary, meet with students receiving interventions or supports for behavior or academic functioning skills
  • Initiate contact with teachers on, at least, a monthly basis to monitor success of the interventions being implemented
  • Monitor intervention plans to ensure the interventions are being implemented correctly and with fidelity
  • Complete necessary intervention documentation
  • Facilitate the development of intervention plans
  • Schedule and facilitate all SST meetings
  • Encourage teachers to track and document data related to the intervention and/or supports
  • Encourage collaboration between general education staff, administration, Specials teachers, etc…
  • Determine if the SST process needs to be initiated or if other action needs to be taken prior to the SST process
  • Assist the classroom teachers in generating different ideas that could be used as measurable interventions
  • Assist teachers in interpreting data
  • Maintain an updated list/record of school resources that can be used for interventions (programs, manipulatives, specialists, etc…)
  • Refer students in the SST process for evaluation for special education services when necessary
  • Communicate regularly with the ESS Coordinator regarding students receiving interventions who may need to be evaluated for special education services
  • Attend trainings at the Phoenix Home Office related to Section 504 and areas relevant to the SST Coordinator position

Qualifications, Competencies & Strengths


  • Bachelor’s Degree


  • Previous teaching experience preferred

Special Skills:

  • Ability to interpret data
  • Knowledge of general education curriculum and instruction
  • Knowledge of Section 504 preferred
  • Knowledge of the intervention process (MTSS/SST)
  • Knowledge of academic accommodations and modifications
  • Knowledge of academic and behavior interventions
  • Strong communication stills, both written and verbal
  • Strong organizational skills

Additional Requirements

Type of fingerprint clearance: Must possess or obtain valid Arizona Department of Public Safety IVP fingerprint clearance card.

Physical functions: Requires but is not limited to standing, sitting, repetitious hand and body movements, bending, squatting, and reaching. May be required to move or position equipment up to 15 pounds approximately.

Travel required: May need to travel locally to the Phoenix Home Office for professional development meetings

This description reflects management’s assignment of essential functions, it does not exclude or restrict the tasks that may be assigned.

Great Hearts Academies is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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