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(2021-2022) Part Time Athenaeum Teacher / Assistant (Texas)
Location GH Texas
Job Category Academy - Co-Curriculars (Athletics, College Counseling, After-School)
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Great Hearts Academies

Position: Athenaeum Teacher / Assistant (2021-2022)



Great Hearts Academies’ After-School Athenaeum is an academic enrichment program for the grades K-5 students of Great Hearts Academies.   While some parents utilize our late hours (the program runs until 6:00PM), we are not an “after-care” program.  Rather, we focus on the humanities and providing students with academic enrichment opportunities beyond the classroom. Our activities and lessons primarily reinforce and extend the lessons learned in our classrooms.  Additionally, we offer time for individual study, athletics, logic games, etiquette lessons, and other culturally-enriching activities complementing our mission as a classical, Great Books, liberal arts institution.

ATHENAEUM PROGRAM TEACHERS/ASSISTANTS: After-School Athenaeum Teachers/Assistants report to the Campus Coordinator and are responsible for tutoring the children in the program (grades K-5) and for leading them in a variety of extra-curricular activities (reading, athletics, logic games, art, music, etc.).

Required traits: Some college (preferably with education or liberal arts major), experience with children, excellent communication skills, and ability to lead and teach children.  Hours are flexible (program runs from Monday- Thursday 3:00 - 6:00 PM / Friday, 1:00 - 6:00 PM.)  Athenaeum Teachers/ Assistants may work between two and five days per week and pay is between $10-13/hour.

Personal Qualities and Values:

We value each of our team members as individuals but believe that we achieve the greatest results by working together. We willingly sacrifice individual interests and recognition for greater collective impact.  The candidate should enjoy being a team player. A vibrant shared services center, and the competitive aspiration, well-being, and camaraderie of our employees, is an essential complement to our academic communities.

The nine core virtues that we seek to model and instill in our students are:

  • Responsibility.   We accept obligations and we act on those obligations in a manner suitable to their timely and satisfactory fulfillment.  We are willingly accountable for what we do and say, and we seek to learn from our mistakes.
  • Perseverance and Courage.   We spurn despair and strive to complete tasks to the best of our abilities, regardless of the difficulty.  We respond creatively to overcome obstacles and ask for help when necessary
  • Integrity and Honesty.   We are individuals of strong ethical values, who make consistently good choices in keeping with our knowledge of right and wrong.  We are always truthful in what we say and do, regardless of the circumstances or consequences.
  • Citizenship and Humility.   We give of our time and abilities to serve others.  We uphold liberty and social equality through respect for individual differences and always strive to do our best whether we are recognized or not.
  • Friendship.   We regard others and ourselves as deserving of kind and just treatment.  Our conduct is considerate and polite.  We look for the good in others and demonstrate compassion.  Our attitudes toward others reflect the way we wish to be treated.
  • Wisdom.   We learn from our mistakes and think before we act.  We look to each other and our past successes for guidance on making good choices.


For More Information About the Hiring Process: Please feel free to contact the Co-curricular Great Hearts recruiting team at  Programs.Hiring@greatheartstx.org

Great Hearts Texas is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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