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(2021-2022) Campus Coordinator for Co-Curricular Programs -- Great Hearts Texas
Location GH Texas
Job Category Academy - Co-Curriculars (Athletics, College Counseling, After-School)
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Great Hearts Texas: Campus Coordinator for Co-Curricular Programs
Location: Great Hearts Texas (North Texas and San Antonio)
Reports to: Regional Coordinator for Co-Curricular Programs

Summary: The Campus Coordinator manages and executes all Great Hearts Co-Curricular programs at his/her academy (After-School Homework Club and three Summer Programs).  In academies where Great Hearts provides an outsourced K-5 athletic program, the Campus Coordinator also serves as the liaison for the coach of that program, to help resolve operational issues that may arise.  Housed at one of the academies, the Campus Coordinator reports to a Regional Manager for Co-Curricular Programs.  While significant curricular and operational support is provided by the Lead Office, the Campus Coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day management of the programs, as outlined under “Detailed Responsibilities.”

Detailed Responsibilities:

  • Program Management:  The Campus Coordinator manages and executes all Great Hearts Co-Curricular programs at his/her academy.  Programs to be managed include the following:  After-School Athenaeum/Homework Club (July – May): The Campus Coordinator begins planning for Athenaeum in July, and leads the Athenaeum program throughout the school year, from August to May.  Summer Academy Programs (Two weeks: June): The Campus Coordinator leads the Great Hearts Summer Programs during summer vacation.  Athletic Program: Great Hearts Academies provides some academies with an outsourced K-5 athletic program. At these academies, the Campus Coordinator serves as the liaison for the coach of that program, to help resolve operational issues that may arise.
  • Assistance with Research & Development of New Programming:  The Campus Coordinator assists his/her Regional Manager in gathering information needed to create new co-curricular offerings for the Texas network.  The Campus Coordinator assists the Regional Manager in conducting parent surveys, focus groups, and other information-gathering initiatives with the families his/her academy, and relays results to the Regional Manager.
  • Mission Alignment: The Campus Coordinator adheres to the vision of Great Hearts Academies by stewarding existing co-curricular programs that extend the high-minded teachings of the regular school day. Well-planned, classically-oriented lessons and culturally-enriching activities are the central focus of the programs – all of which are modeled after our classical Great Books, Core Knowledge, virtue-based, liberal arts classrooms – and the Campus Coordinator is the steward of the Great Hearts mission as it pertains to co-curricular programming at his/her campus.
  • Curriculum Implementation and Development: The Campus Coordinator implements the Great Hearts Co-Curriculars curriculum in each of the programs s/he oversees at his/her academy.  While the curriculum provided contains many themes, ideas, and lesson plans, it is not comprehensive.  Therefore, the Campus Coordinator is also responsible for creating monthly, program-specific lesson plan calendars and individual lessons plans for the programs in his/her purview.
  • Human Capital: The Campus Coordinator closely manages the human capital for the co-curricular programs on his/her campus.  In collaboration with the Regional Manager, the Campus Coordinator hires the teachers and program assistants for each of his/her programs, preparing offering sheets for the Regional Manager to approve.  Twice yearly, the Campus Coordinator conducts formal employee reviews of the teachers and program assistants, and, under the guidance of the Regional Manager, handles employee discipline issues and terminations. 
  • Teacher Training & Support: The Campus Coordinator, under the guidance of the Regional Manager, ensures that all staff members in his/her programs are properly trained in Great Hearts policy & procedure, curriculum, student health and safety, discipline, customer service, program-based training, etc.  Using feedback from their own observations and from the observations and feedback of the Regional Manager and Manager of Co-Curricular Instructional Quality and Design, the Campus Coordinator executes training and support plans to improve teacher performance.
  • Fiscal Responsibilities: The Campus Coordinator manages the budget for the programs in his/her purview.  S/he submits projected and actual budgets to the Regional Manager on a monthly basis and maintains accurate accounting records.  The Campus Coordinator submits to the Regional Manager any employee reimbursements, vendor invoices, and other fiscal paperwork needing approval. 
  • Enrollment Growth & Management: With the technical support of the GH Co-Curricular Director of Operations, the Campus Coordinator is responsible for monitoring the enrollment of the programs (Athenaeum, Homework Club, and Summer Programs) at his/her campus, and for maintaining accurate enrollment records.  The Campus Coordinator also executes growth initiatives and strives to achieve enrollment growth goals (set by the Regional Manager) in each of his/her programs. 
  • Service to the Academies: The Campus Coordinator proactively cultivates close, productive, and diplomatic relationships with the Headmaster, Office Manager, and other key personnel at his/her academy, and strives to manage his/her programs in a manner that reflects the ambassadorial heart of service to the academies that Great Hearts promulgates.
  • Quality Assurance: The Campus Coordinator is the steward of quality assurance at his/her campus.  Through regular observation, training, and feedback, the Campus Coordinator works to improve teacher performance and programmatic excellence.  The Campus Coordinator incorporates constructive criticism received by the Regional Manager and Manager of Co-Curricular Instructional Quality and Design when working with teachers to improve performance.  Further, the Campus Coordinator executes regular quality assurance measures (designed by the Director of Co-Curriculars and/or the Regional Manager) to ensure programs are running at excellent quality. 
  • Customer Service Issues: Campus Coordinator closely monitors and addresses any and all customer service issues (internal or external), and reports them weekly to the Regional Manager.  S/he trains his/her staff in handling basic customer service issues with parents, students, and academy personnel, and also executes proactive customer service initiatives assigned by the Regional Manager.
  • Accident, Incident, Behavior Issues: The Campus Coordinator closely monitors and handles any and all situations that may be a liability to the program (including accidents, incidents, and behavior issues), documents them, and reports them weekly (or immediately, in certain cases) to the Regional Manager. 
  • Marketing: Under the guidance of the Regional Manager, the Campus Coordinator executes the marketing plan for the programs on his/her campus. Marketing strategies include e-mail, back-pack stuffers, teacher meet-and-greets, and annual book-store events at each campus.
  • Regular Team Meetings: The Campus Coordinator organizes and meets with his/her staff weekly, for the purposes of updates, planning, and training, and to foster team collaboration and communication.  The Campus Coordinator attends a monthly meeting of all Campus Coordinators in the region, led by the Regional Manager.
  • Reporting/Collaboration: The Campus Coordinator submits a weekly report to the Regional Manager.  The Campus Coordinator also meets bi-monthly with the Co-Curriculars leadership team and other Campus Coordinators to discuss updates, collaborate, and receive further training. 

Time Commitment and Reporting:  This is a 12-month, full time, benefits-eligible position, reporting to the Regional Manager of Co-Curricular Programs. 

Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree required.  The successful candidate will be a principled, professional, experienced leader with an independent work ethic and a heart of service to others.  S/he must demonstrate sound business judgment, as well as extreme tact, diplomacy, and wisdom dealing with people.  S/he will possess requisite experience and interest in the field(s) of liberal arts and/or education, as well as experience with children and children’s programming.  Must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.  Knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) and Google suite preferred.

For more information, contact Christine Jagge, Regional Manager of Co-Curricular Programs, christine.jagge@greatheartstx.org

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