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(2022-2023) School Nurse/Health Asst. - AZ
Location GH Arizona - Phoenix
Job Category Academy - Support Staff (Office Manager, School Nurse, Librarian, etc.)
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Health Assistant / School Nurse

POSITION: School Nurse

REPORTS TO: Headmaster

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Provide temporary and emergency care for sick and injured students or staff according to school policy and procedures.
  • Serve as health advocate for students.
  • Notify parents of accident or illness and secure medical care for students in emergency cases (if parents or emergency contact cannot be reached).
  • Coordinate management system to administer medications to students at school. Administer medications according to school policy and procedures.
  • Develop and coordinate continuing evaluation of campus health program and make changes based on findings..
  • Serve as health liaison between school, physicians, parents, and community.
  • Assess student problems and make appropriate referrals working with students, teachers, parents, and medical and health care professionals as needed.
  • Participate in assessment and reporting of suspected child abuse.
  • Review and evaluate immunization records.



  • Valid Registered Nurse (RN) license from the Arizona Board of Nursing.
  • CPR /AED Certification


  • Competent nursing assessment skills
  • Expertise in student specific case management plans for acute and chronic health conditions
  • Ability to implement policies and procedures
  • Proficient computer skills
  • Strong organizational, communication, mentoring, coaching and interpersonal skills

Personal Qualities & Values

  • Passionately Committed
    With humility and curiosity, we seek to know more about our core purpose; seek to share (with each other and with others externally as an advocate); seek to live the mission ourselves with relentless pursuit and intrinsic motivation; seek to understand our work and how it serves the mission…which should result in getting the right stuff done with measurable results because we love actualization – not just the theory
  • Servant’s Heart
    The foundational element of having a servant’s heart is the acknowledgement of inherent dignity in their fellow human.  Someone with a servant’s heart believes that their work is to promote the development of those around them and make it possible for others to be successful in serving the mission of the organization.
  • Team Player
    We believe our mission can only be accomplished through collaboration and receive true joy in being a part of something greater than ourselves; Each of us is one part of a whole, each with different roles, expertise and responsibilities; working together in synchronicity


HIRING PROCESS Great Hearts hires faculty, administrators and Lead Office staff on a rolling basis.  The Great Hearts Lead Office hiring committee reviews all applications, ranks, and passes qualified applications on to the Heads of Schools with openings in relevant areas.  Heads of School have final hiring authority for their own academy, and are free to contact and make offers to candidates on their own timetables. Candidates may hear from one or more Heads of School and/or Great Hearts Lead Office staff shortly after submitting their application, or they may not hear anything for a number of months (as some Heads of School prefer to interview candidates only after reviewing a large number of applications).  In either case, it is in a candidate's best interest to submit all requested application materials as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us at careers@greatheartsamerica.org for help with uploading documents or other elements of the hiring process.


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