Position Description

(2021-2022) Director of Microschools and Local Communities
Location GH Texas
Job Category Lead Office (Finance, HR, Development, etc.)
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POSITION: Director of Microschools and Local Communities

LOCATION: Texas or Arizona based preferred; Remote for right individual

DEPARTMENT: Great Hearts Civitas

REPORTS TO: President, Great Hearts Civitas

STATUS: Full-time, benefits eligible

Company Description

Great Hearts is a nonprofit network of public charter schools dedicated to improving education nationwide through classical preparatory K–12 academies. A Great Hearts education prepares students to be more than just proficient test takers; rather, it prepares them to become great-hearted and virtuous leaders capable of success throughout their higher education and professional careers. With a curriculum built upon a character-centered, classical liberal arts tradition and a revolutionary approach to school itself, Great Hearts cultivates the hearts and minds of students through the pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. Great Hearts serves over 20,000 students in both Texas and Arizona.

On January 4th, 2021, Great Hearts launched a new virtual classical academy to serve students in Texas.  Great Hearts Online  is fully enrolled to the delight and satisfaction of over 500 students and their families.

Great Hearts Online is the core educational offering, and we are thinking bigger. In Latin, civitas is a word describing a body of citizens who constitute a state or a commonwealth; a civitas is a body of people imparting shared responsibility, a common purpose, and a sense of community toward greater citizenship. What we are building is a  Great Hearts Civitas : a national body of families and students, connected by a common purpose, in community and citizenship together. In the coming years, we will offer excellence in virtual classical education with a focus on tight-knit online and in-person communities in pursuit of a national GH Civitas .

This is a position within Great Hearts Civitas, the newest branch of the Great Hearts organization. Additional information on roles can be found at www.greatheartsamerica.org/careers .

Position Summary

The number one thing parents currently want more of in attending Great Hearts Online is in-person community and student-to-student relationships. We seek to build multiple layers of communities – online as well as in-person – in the continued growth of our model. We have hypotheses, market research information, business models, and inclinations on how to do this well – but we need to start doing this work with significant focus and intensity.

The Director of Microschools and Local Communities is an entrepreneurial leadership role in an undefined space. You will:

  1. Engage: Talk with GH Online parents about what kind of in-person communities they want and need;
  2. Design: Develop models for Microschools, Local Communities, and Regional Family Forums;
  3. Recruit: Recruit current GH Online Parents to launch and pilot different Microschool models;
  4. Train: Design and directly provide training for Microschool Guides and Microschool Families to establish a strong local school community and healthy communication, collaboration, and collective responsibility;
  5. Execute: Hold bottom-line responsibility and accountability for the success of these models from parent satisfaction, ongoing support, communication and training, to financial sustainability;
  6. Strategize: Develop a multi-year strategy and model to build local, in-person communities amongst GH Online families;
  7. Scale: In partnership with the President of GH Civitas, develop the initial model for Microschools, Local Communities, and Family Forums.

In the first year, the Director of Microschools and Local Communities to launch and pilot nine Microschools across Texas and Arizona.

Duties and Responsibilities

Partner with Parents and Become Expert in the Microschool/Pod Environment

  • Talk with parents about how they would want to pair GH Online with an in-person community.
  • Understand parent needs, appetite, and flexibilities around Podding/Microschools.
  • Stay current and integrated into the national Microschools / Podding movement.

Design, Launch, and Realize a Great Hearts Microschools Model

  • Design a GH Microschool model and recruit interested families to participate.
  • Launch and realize multiple iterations of these models and through a process of continual improvement and ongoing changes, arrive at the strongest 2-3 GH Microschool models for consideration.
  • Codify the GH Microschools model for current success and future scalability.

Lead Recruitment for current and future GH Microschool parents and facilitate Local Microschool Connections

  • Talk with parents about GH Microschools and maintain a database for local connections.
  • Recruit parents to join GH Microschools (and GH Online) as a different entry-point to GH Civitas than GH Online.
  • Create a scalable system for collecting and sharing information with parents to participate in a GH Microschool.

Cultivate a GH Microschool Culture in Alignment with our Mission

  • Develop yourself and GH Microschool parents in the things we love - classical texts, seminars, art and theater, etc – as well as concrete “Microschool / Co-Op / Homeschool” best practices
  • Exude and model strong intellectual and moral virtue
  • Create and shape a strong GH adult culture

Achieve the Results of a Best-in-Class GH Microschool

  • Shoulder the yoke of responsibility to achieve the results for our Microschool strategy – parent satisfaction, retention, recruitment, scalability, and financial.

Qualifications, Competencies, and Strengths

  • Education and Experience :
    • Bachelor’s degree is required
    • Experience leading teams and managing adults required
    • Preferred : experience as a leader of a classical, liberal arts school
    • Preferred : 2 years experience Homeschooling children, leading a Homeschool Co-Op, or leading a Microschool
  • Parent Partnership : You have a strong track recording partnering with parents and sharing advice and perspectives that are readily received and implemented. You are an exceptional listener – you hear what parents are saying, what they are not saying, and have insights as to why and how to support.
  • Influencer : Without formal authority and through trust and partnership, you significantly influence stakeholders and decisions.  
  • Entrepreneur : You will thrive in the least defined space within a new organization. You envision the future, turn dreams into operational plans and actions, navigate ambiguity, and think and act across multiple functions. Starting and building something is in your blood.
  • Model Virtuous Behavior : As an individual and leader, you live the values, beliefs, and virtues we espouse.
  • How You Show Up:
    • Strong work ethic combined with a high level of professionalism focused on delivering results
    • Must always be committed to providing excellent customer service under all circumstances
    • Exceptional communications skills and the ability to build strong relationships
    • No-drama, face-to-face, and honest approach to collaboration, communication, teams, and community
    • You consistently (100% of the time) do what you say you’re going to do
  • Ability to travel 20% of time (in non-pandemic times)

Type of clearance:

       Must complete Texas Department of Public Safety fingerprint clearance and background check.

Physical functions: Requires but is not limited to standing, sitting, repetitious hand and body movements, bending, squatting, and reaching. May be required to move or position equipment up to 50 pounds approximately.

This description reflects management’s assignment of essential functions; it does not exclude or restrict the additional tasks that may be assigned.

Great Hearts Academies is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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