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Student Opportunities

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What you’ll gain

As a student working at IDRC, you will:

  • discover the world of international development and perhaps your passion
  • put into practice knowledge from your area of study
  • develop your skills working in a team environment
  • acquire experience and expand your networks in a wide range of fields

What you’ll need

You are encouraged to apply, if you:

  • are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident of Canada or hold a student visa with a work permit
  • are enrolled in and pursuing full-time post-secondary studies following your employment with us
  • can provide an official transcript, if selected for interview

All student positions are full-time (37.5 hours per week) and four months in duration.

The closing date format is dd/mm/yy and the deadline to submit your application is by 23:59 EST.

IDRC values a diverse workforce and is committed to achieving employment equity. If you are an Aboriginal person, a member of a visible minority group, a person with a disability or a woman, please don’t hesitate to apply and identify yourself!