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What is a TDY and how do I apply?

Temporary Duty assignments are created as a result of temporary vacancies or short term business needs and are typically no longer than one year. The need for additional personnel may be the result of an emergency, special project or prolonged absence of a current employee. TDYs may be open to national, international, and US-based employees. TDYs are temporary assignments that require you to cease your current duties and to assume a new role for a specified period of time. To be considered for a TDY assignment, you must have been performing satisfactorily in your current position and meet the qualifications for the TDY.

Although the creation of a TDY is often business driven, it is also a development opportunity for a CARE employee. Assignments should be defined carefully and orientation and coaching should be provided to the incumbent to maximize the learning experience.

Checklist for the Candidate:

  1. Make sure you read the TDY description carefully and ask for more information if necessary: what relevant skills/competencies do you have to offer?
  2. Go back to your individual development objectives/plan and reflect on the relevance of the opportunity for your personal development: What could you expect to learn from the experience? Would that be an appropriate step towards potential target jobs in your career?
  3. Meet with your supervisor: Does s/he support your application? Together, can you come up with and efficient back-up plan to replace you during the TDY?

Please note that TDYs are not managed like regular recruitments. Because of the time constraint, hiring managers may have to make a managerial decision without panel interviews.

How do I post an opening?

Complete a Personnel Requisition Form (PRF) and Terms of Reference (TOR), both can be found on the village then email completed forms to your HR Generalist. Your HR Generalist will then review and ensure necessary steps are taken to have your position assigned to a Recruiter and posted.

Remember that all TDYs must be posted for a minimum of 2 weeks.

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