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Entertainment Technician
Property C Mauritius
Region Mauritius
Employment Type Permanent
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The Entertainment Technician will be responsible for the setup and dismantling of sound and light equipment and also perform as DJ


Responsibilities and duties for this position shall include, but not be limited to, the following areas and activities. The holder of this position may, at any time, be called to perform any other cognate duties at the request of management.

  • Plan, coordinate and schedule to complete job request with limited supervision
  • Setting up and operating stage and broadcast lighting
  • Setting up and operating sound systems for live broadcasting
  • Keep accurate records of labor, materials and other pertinent information regarding assigned work orders on a daily basis
  • Operate sound systems for all outlets events and special programs
  • Assist with setting up sound and light systems
  • Perform as DJ as and when required
  • Notify supervisors when major equipment repairs are needed
  • Install, adjust, and operate electronic equipment to record, edit, and transmit radio and television programs, motion pictures, video conferencing, or multimedia presentations
  • Compress, digitize, duplicate, and store audio and video data
  • Diagnose and resolve media system problems assisted by IT department
  • Mix and regulate sound inputs and feeds or coordinate audio feeds with television pictures
  • Perform minor repairs and routine cleaning of audio and video equipment
  • Design layouts of audio and video equipment and perform upgrades and maintenance
  • Maintain inventories of audio and light and related supplies
  • Construct and position properties, sets, lighting equipment, and other equipment
  • Locate and secure settings, properties, effects, and other production necessities
  • Inform users of audio and light service policies and procedures
  • Control the lights and sound of events, before and after performances, and during intermissions
  • Obtain and preview musical performance programs prior to events to become familiar with the order
  • Must be willing and able to work in all types of environments including attics, catwalks and small enclosures
  • Must be willing and able to climb ladders and work out of a mechanical lift
  • Must be able to work outside in all types of weather conditions
  • To participate in training courses as provided by management
  • Ensures Occupational Safety & Health Act, local health and safety codes, and company safety and security policy are respected at all times
  • Be familiar with all the cocktails and can be able to prepare/ propose to guests according to standardised presentation and creativity
  • To assist management team to do monthly bar inventory
  • The ability to observe guest experience in the restaurant and anticipate their needs


  • HSC holder or equivalent
  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in the hospitality industry
  • Computer Literate
  • Good communication skills
  • Team Player
  • Having a flexible approach to work
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