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DeKalb County Government participates in the federal E-Verify program work authorization program. DeKalb County registered with E-Verify on September 26, 2007 and our Employer Identification Number is 55412.

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I understand that if an offer of an employment is made, a background check will be performed prior to starting work 

** Note: Pending charges and/or a conviction of a crime will not necessarily disqualify you from employment.**

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 Successful completion of a job related physical examination by a County Examining Physician is required. DeKalb County Government does not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities or exclude them from participating in or receiving benefits of its services, programs, or activities, based on disability. DeKalb County Government’s Employee Relations Division coordinates the County’s compliance with Part 35 of the Department of Justice regulations regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act. To request information about access for persons with disabilities to County services, programs and activities, or to discuss a grievance regarding an impediment to such access, please call (404) 371-2332/3018. Ten days notice is requested for special accommodations.


Your application must be completed in its Entirety before it is submitted even for items that are not marked "required". Failure to give complete detailed information for all items, including but no limited to dates of personal information, employment, education and salary information will result in your application being disqualified. A resume may be attached only as additional information and will not be accepted in lieu of completing each part of the application with your qualifying information. We do not accept any additional information after you application has been submitted and received by the Human Resources Department. If you accept the term of these conditions please type your name below.

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