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I authorize Metropolitan Market to solicit information regarding my previous employment, education, character, general reputation, and/or similar background information, and to contact all prior employers or other references listed on this application or obtained from other sources as may be necessary for Metropolitan Market to makes its hiring decisions.  I release any individual and/or organization contacted to obtain such references from any liability for providing information requested by Metropolitan Market for the purpose of making its hiring decisions.  If employed, I release Metropolitan Market from any liability for future references it may provide regarding my work history with the Company.

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When you think about legendary customer service, what company do you believe successfully achieves this status? Why?


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Guiding Principles for Our Culture

  • Service to the customers comes first.
  • We make every effort to meet our customers’ needs.
  • We welcome our customers with warmth, genuine friendliness, and respect.
  • We deliver efficient, courteous service.
  • We seek out and deliver the highest quality products available.
  • We share our knowledge of food and related products with our customers.
  • We maintain a well-kept, visually appealing environment.
  • We are devoted to making a contribution to our community.